Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Fangled Britannica and Lots More online encyclopedias

Britannica Online Academic Edition - A powerful all-in-one collection:
* Bonus databases: World Data Analyst Online, Gateway to the Classics, Primary Sources
* The New York Times and BBC News headlines from around the world
* Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus
* Video Collection
* World atlas featuring interactive maps
* Daily biographies and historical events

Comic Art of the United States Through 2000, Animation and Cartoons: An International Bibliography (2005)

Encyclopedia of Epidemiology (2008) 2 vols
Encyclopedia of Global Health (2008) 4 vols
Energy for the 21 Century (2007)
Environmental Science: Science in Context (2008) 2 vols
Great Debates in American Environmental History (2008) 2 vols
Infectious Disease in Context (2007) 2 vols
Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine (2008) 4 vols

Social Sciences:
21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook (2008) 2 vols
Encyclopedia of Education Psychology (2008) 2 vols
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture (2008) 6 vols.
Encyclopedia of Social Psychology (2007) 2 vols.
New Encyclopedia of Africa (2007) 5 vols

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