Thursday, September 22, 2011

Banned Books Week Sept 24 - Oct 1, 2011

"Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.” Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas (1953) Read More

The American Library Association (ALA) co-sponsors Banned Books Week each year to remind us that although some people would like to restrict controversial information, censorship is a threat to our Constitutional rights . This year the ALA’s list of the top ten challenged books ranges from “And Tango Makes Three” to “Brave New World."

Beyond books, other organizations work against censorship as it infringes the rights of free expression around the world. Amnesty International’s Banned Books Week 2011 focuses on journalists, cartoonists, poets, and publishers that have been imprisoned, detained, threatened or “disappeared” for expressing views contrary to those of the prevailing power structure in their countries. Since past prisoner releases have been prompted by written protests from concerned individuals, the AI website provides information for those who wish to participate in the protests.
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